At Northbrook, we love Jesus Christ, and our desire is to structure our worship services, ministries, and programs in ways that bring him all the glory.

We also love the Bible as it is the complete and perfect Word of God revealing Jesus Christ to us today. Because of this, all of our teaching, singing, prayer times, and organization flows from and is premised in the Bible. We believe that the Bible is the foundation for all we are and do, so we seek to know God’s Word as we seek to know and obey God.

We celebrate God’s grace and the good news of our crucified, resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ. Our goal is to partner with God in his passionate pursuit of sinners as He calls them to Himself and transforms them into the image of His Son. We do not seek to produce rule-focused, homogenized Christianity, but rather, our desire is to see grace loving, Holy Spirit empowered, followers of Christ.

If this is your heart and passion, we invite you to get to know us better and consider whether God would have you join with us. For a complete understanding of our beliefs, please reference The Baptist Faith and Message (2000), which we affirm as our statement of faith. For more information as to how we function as an organization, please refer to our Constitution and By-Laws.

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Baptist Faith & Message

Northbrook Baptist Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is a fully autonomous church under the headship of Christ. Northbrook cooperates with the Southern Baptist Convention in missions and fellowship. Click below to read the Baptist Faith & Message

9:00 am - Corporate Worship
10:30 am - Coffee and Fellowship
11:00 am - Sermon-based Study Groups

1700 Boyson Rd NE / Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

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