In Scripture, we find three distinct groups of people who exercise some form of leadership in the church: the congregation, consisting of all church members; elders, those men appointed to spiritual oversight in the church; and deacons, who serve the congregation in hands-on, practical ways.

At Northbrook, all of our Elders serves as Pastors who work together as under-shepherds of Jesus Christ. In their role as overseers, the Elders guide the church, particularly focusing on matters concerning teaching, preaching, and prayer. The Elders direct the spiritual life of the church at the pleasure of the congregation, handling matters relevant to the Word and prayer. The deacons, pictured not as a second legislative body but as a group of able servants, assist the elders by facilitating ministry.

John Janke

John Janke

Pastor for Preaching & Vision

John was called to be the Pastor of Preaching and Vision in November of 2014.  He is married to Terri, and they have five children (Rachel, Alicia, Jon, Lea, and Tiana). John is a graduate of Northland International University (BS; MABS). He worked and taught at the school for 16 years until taking a pastoral position in Tama, Iowa in 2002 where he served until 2014.

Joshua Kroshe


Ben Fuehrer


Andrew Mossman


Church Leadership & Polity

If you are interested in reading more about what we believe regarding the local polity and governing of the local church, please read our “Church Governance Theological Statement.”

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