Each Sunday we gather at 9:00 am for our corporate worship time and at 11:00 am for age appropriate Bible study. You will find our building at 1700 Boyson Rd. NE. The parking lot entrance is located on the North side of Boyson Rd. There are plenty of parking spots all around the building, as well as a covered drop-off spot at the rear entrance of the building.


The goal of every Sunday gathering is to worship our God in a way that is founded in what he has said (the Bible) and points us to life in Jesus, his grace, and the gospel. This happens through singing, Bible reading, prayer, the preaching of God’s word, and interaction with one another. Worship through the corporate study of God’s word occupies the majority of our time together.


If you’re planning your first visit to a Sunday Gathering, here are some practical things you’ll want to know:

  • When you enter our building, we’ll make sure you know what’s happening and where. Before, during, and after the time of our gathering, our “Greeters” are in the hallway available to help you with your needs or questions.
  • Praising God through song is an important part of our worship and we would love to have you sing with us! Sometimes you may not know the song or may be so overwhelmed that you cannot sing, and that’s ok. If it happens, we encourage you to listen to the words and think about how they communicate truth about God, his love for us, and how worthy he is of our joyful worship. We usually stand when we sing but feel free to sit down anytime you’d like to continue to sing, pray, or just listen.
  • Many parents choose to have their children with them in the worship time, but if you prefer, we provide nurseries for infants and children up to 2 years of age. Our nurseries workers are members of the church who are screened through background checks. Simply communicate your need to one of our Greeters and they will be happy to show you the way to our Nurseries.
  • Some people wonder what they should wear—we don’t allow paparazzi or fashion police in the building. Seriously, we don’t have a dress code and no one will be checking that you are “dressed right.” We care about you and where you are with God, not the clothes you are wearing.

9:00 am - Corporate Worship
10:30 am - Coffee and Fellowship
11:00 am - Sermon-based Study Groups

1700 Boyson Rd NE / Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

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